D’Angelo Russell 30 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (12/3/2018)

This video is yet another example of the inordinate power that highlight-compilers wield over the pablum-bloated populace. Watch it. It looks good, right? Real good. D’Angelo Russell did some good stuff, claims this video, and it even goes further and claims that he had a good game.

He didn’t.

Okay, that’s pushing it. But it wasn’t as good as these highlights would have you believe. You don’t get to see the 18 shots he missed (didn’t he just miss 19, damn, he doesn’t care at all does he). Misses aren’t part of highlights. Their omission results in you having an incomplete picture of the performance Russell had tonight.

I apologize for nothing. Good news is, I am currently working on a new type of highlight video, one that I think will revolutionize the market. I call them “Ultra-Full Highlights”, and I hold nothing back. I show it all. Every bucket, every pass, every stop, every play. No cuts, no jumps, nothing is omitted. I even show timeouts, so you can judge players’ body language appropriately. Problem is, these vids are about 2.5 hours long, and unless I want to clip them up into 10-minute-ish chunks, I can’t upload them.

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