Trae Young 20 Points Full Highlights (12/3/2018)

It’s a good thing that Trae Young can kinda finish around the rim, because otherwise he’d be averaging, by my calculations, approximately 0 points per game. I wanted a puffy-haired version of Stephen Curry, not… whatever we got.

So, yeah, the presumably hyped-up Curry-Young matchup was kind of a bust. Young scored a bunch of points, but they were all layups and floaters. No threes. Curry got the crowd excited (Warriors fans are a plague upon every away arena) with some first-quarter sky-fornicating, and then he tapered off too. YAWN. I hope no one in that arena paid too much for tickets.

I still have an optimistically large amount of confidence that Young will figure out this whole “three-pointer” thing eventually. If not this year, then next. Even bad shooters, if they lock themselves in a gym with nothing but a rack of basketballs and a rebounder, can become passable over a single offseason. And since his mechanics seem to be sound… actually that might be a bad thing, because then what is there to fix? Oh no.

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