Darren Collison 23 Points Full Highlights (12/4/2018)

Darren Collison is currently in the process of ruining my life. Do you think I want to be here making a cruddy little highlight video for him? Heck no. I find him as bland and uninteresting as the majority of NBA fans. Nothing about him arouses any excitement in me. He is the most generic player in the league, I am convinced. What percentage of NBA fans could even name him as the starting point guard for the Pacers? I’d probably answer Cory Joseph before coming up with his name.

His only claim to fame, basketball-wise, is that he led the league in three-point percentage last year. That used to be a cool thing up until a few years ago, when people started caring more about raw makes rather than percentage. Basically, when Stephen Curry started dropping 400 triples in a season, people decided that was way cooler than caring which low-volume role-player happened to get lucky and hit half of their triple attempts.

Collison is shooting way worse this season. He was 47 percent last year from deep, now he’s at 33 percent. He’s also down 5 percent in two-point shooting as well as 17 percent down in free-throw shooting. He was pretty good last year, all things considered, a nice efficient point guard, but now he sucks. And he’s ruining my life.

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