Kyle Korver 15 Points Full Highlights (12/4/2018)

The Jazz are currently out of the playoffs. With so much season left to go, and with the West as competitive as it is, that statement doesn’t hold a whole lot of weight. But there it is. I only bring it up because, if the Jazz do fail to make the playoffs, the feel-good trade of Kyle Korver from the Cavs to the Jazz will have achieved relatively little from a basketball standpoint. Korver went from a bottom-of-the-barrel team in the East to a not as bad, but still non-playoff, team in the West. And it really is a feel-good trade. Everybody felt good when it happened and I think the Jazz commentators, judging by their breathless praise of Korver’s shooting, are constantly experiencing mini-orgasms from the time Korver enters the game to the time he sits back on the bench.

At least we can say with certainty that Korver isn’t ring-chasing. He didn’t demand a trade to a contender. We don’t even know if he demanded a trade at all or if it was the Jazz’s incentive to bring Korver on board. I’m sure that Korver is happy to be on a team with a functional locker room, a good coach, and reasonable winning chances in any given game, so I would say it was good trade even if both the Cavs and the Jazz are in the same place in May, i.e. watching playoff games from their couches.

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