Jeff Teague 3 Points/18 Assists Full Highlights (12/5/2018)

Jeff Teague’s 18 assists is the most by any player so far this season. He’s not even tied with anybody, he’s just straight up the best single-game assister in the NBA right now. But with any performance with this many dimes, some of them are going to be a little iffy. Let’s take a look and see how many he REALLY had.

Assist 1: Nice dropoff to Gibson for a midrange jimbo. Legit.
Assist 2: Entry pass to Gibson who takes two dribbles and does a spin. Not legit.
Assist 3: Entry pass to Towns who waits, takes a dribble, and travels. Not legit.
Assist 4: Simple perimeter swing to Covington for three. Legit.
Assist 5: Only drive and dish of the video. Legit.
Assist 6: Another swing, this time to Wiggins. He sucks at threes so the pass never should’ve been made, but it went in. Legit.
Assist 7: Entry pass to Wiggins who waits, takes a dribble, and spins. Not legit.
Assist 8: Nice pass over the top for a Wiggins layup. Legit.
Assist 9: Inbound directly to a midrange pop? Wiggins still sucks. Legit.
Assist 10: Entry pass to Towns who only does one pump fake before shooting. Two would’ve been one too many. Legit.
Assist 11: Perimeter pass to a sprinting Towns who takes one dribble and travels into an and-one. This one’s tough. Legit.
Assist 12: Like the last one, but to Covington. Legit.
Assist 13: Another entry pass to Towns, who at least doesn’t wait forever this time before scoring. Legit.
Assist 14: I guess this is kind of a drive and dish. Just a really shallow one. Legit.
Assist 15: Towns takes two dribbles after pumpfaking. More than one dribble should never be an assist. Not legit.
Assist 16: Perimeter pass leading to a transition three for Wiggins who still sucks at threes. Legit.
Assist 17: Pick and roll for an easy Towns layup. Probably the best pass in the whole video. Legit
Assist 18: Entry pass to Wiggins who sucks, but also who doesn’t wait to do a shimmying turnaround. Legit.

Final total: 14 legit assists, and now that I’ve enumerated them all for you, you don’t even need to waste your time watching a Jeff Teague highlight video!

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