Julius Randle 27 Points Full Highlights (12/5/2018)

I’m feeling like Julius Randle is everything that the Pelicans wanted when they traded for DeMarcus Cousins, but way better. Like Cousins, Randle is very eager to shoot the ball when he gets it near the basket, but unlike Cousins, he actually has some touch near the rim and his wild-looking shots go in more often than not. Cousins, when missing those shots, would just stare at the refs wondering where the foul was, then walk back on defense while the other team scores, and then make more faces.

Randle also has that limited three-point range that Cousins has flashed the past few seasons, except Randle’s not as in love with his abilities as an outside shooter as he was in his early Laker seasons, so he only takes the shots out there that he knows he can make. Cousins would just jack up whatever because of his “superstar” mindset. You can tell I have a pretty low opinion of Cousins here.

The max contract that Randle wanted this off-season failed to materialize, but he’s got a player option next season that he can decline if he feels like he wants to take another shot at it. With another 18/10 season, with 55% shooting, on his resume, he still might get that big payday that he’s been looking for. Then he can invest in some plastic surgery to smooth out the lumps on his face, and then, BAM! With a newly-marketable face, shoe deals will be coming in from every angle. Add that to his Orange Julius franchise empire, and Randle will be in possession of what the kids these days call “fat stacks”.

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