Tomas Satoransky 14 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (12/5/2018)

Wizards record with John Wall starting: 10-14

Wizards record with Tomas Satoransky starting: 3-0

Granted, two of those wins were with both starting, with Wall at PG and Satoransky at… small forward? But it still illustrates a trend that I noticed last year: the ‘Zards just look better with him running the show. More like a basketball team and less like “The John Wall Ultimate 3D Experience In 3D”.

This is the first game with Satoransky at PG, and it was against the Hawks so maybe they were going to win anyway, but wins don’t lie. He’s 1-0, undefeated, as the show-runner for Washington. The trade of Wall to the Suns for some picks and stuff can go full steam ahead, because there is a competent (more than competent) backup PG just waiting in the wings, waiting for a big opportunity to show his stuff.

Not even going to mention how Wall is a total locker room cancer while Satoransky just goes out and plays without complaining about everything and coming into the season chunky as heck.

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