Joe Ingles 18 Points Full Highlights (12/6/2018)

I think Joe Ingles spoiled us all by shooting 44% from deep over the past two seasons. This season, he’s shooting 39%, which is pretty good, but it just seems terrible compared to the last two seasons. When it comes to Jinglin’ Joe, I expect a three-point percentage that starts with a four. Any NBA player can get a three-point percentage that starts with a three if they just shoot enough practice shots during the offseason. It takes a special kind of skill to get into 40% territory. Maybe that’s why I’m so underwhelmed by Ingles’ three-point shooting this season even though it’s realistically way better than most NBA players could ever do.

However, I would advise Australians not to forget their civic duty in the face of Ingles’ lowered three-point percentages. It is still codified in the laws of Australia that every Australian citizen must watch at least one Joe Ingles highlight video per day. I’m doing my part in providing these videos to the Australian populace, but I only complete half of the equation. The other half of the equation is Australians logging on to their slow, censored internet and going to to watch Joe Ingles jingle his way through defenders and jingle up three-pointers.

Do you know what happens to people who don’t follow this directive? They get sent to the Great Barrier Reef to scrub the coral with toothbrushes until it stops dying.

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