Shaquille Harrison Career High 20 Points Full Highlights (12/8/2018)

Shaquille “Shaqh” Harrison getting a career-high twenty points was literally the only good thing that happened to the Bulls this game, which they lost to the Celtics 133-77. Imagine if Shaqh had put up a point total more in line with his season average of six – the Bulls would have scored 63 points. Luckily, Shaqh stepped up and provided some scoring to prevent an embarrassing blowout loss from being the most embarrassing blowout loss in NBA history.

I thought teams were temporarily supposed to get better when they fired their lame-duck coaches? Maybe the honeymoon period of having Fred Hoiberg out of there is over already, or maybe it never even happened. Judging by this game, if Hoiberg had no control over the effort of his players, Jim Boylen has even less control over his players. Maybe they were subbing themselves in and out of the game at random while Boylen sat near the Gatorade cooler and used his suit jacket to mop up his tears. I didn’t get a clear look at the sideline but that totally could have happened.

One more parting shot: Bulls fans deserve this for two reasons: one, they always pack the Bucks arena because it’s cheaper and quicker for them to get to Milwaukee than to the arena in Chicago. Two, they had Michael Jordan and got six championships out of it. Just saying. I’m enjoying their misery a little too much right now.

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