Bogdan Bogdanovic 20 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (12/12/2018)

With his fifteen points per game, we can OFFICIALLY add Bogdan Bogdanovic to the list of candidates for 6MOTY man of the year. He’s only started two games out of the sixteen he’s played in so I’m pretty sure he qualifies. I don’t actually have a physical list of candidates to refer to; I know there are some other players on it, but I can’t remember what their PPGs look like compared to Bogey’s. To be safe, Bogey should try to score twenty points per game so that he has a better chance of taking some 6MOTY man of the year hardware back home with him to Serbia.

Speaking of Serbia, I just found out that the fans don’t even get to vote for 6MOTY man of the year like they get to vote for All-Stars. That makes it harder for ardent foreigners to influence the results, but it’s still possible. However, instead of blatant ballot-box stuffing, the tactics will have to be a little more abstract.

The journalists/broadcasters/media types who vote for these things can easily be swayed by the NBA-viewing public. A twitter campaign along the lines of #BogdanSixthManOrElse would really get their attention, and it would be easy for Serbs to just append that hashtag to every social media post that they’re already making. It’s not even any extra work if you just copy and paste it every time. The hashtag is perfect: it references the player unambiguously (Bogdan Bogdanovic who should be 6MOTY of the year vs. Bojan Bogdanovic who souldn’t be), it references the award that he should win (6MOTY of the year), and it makes a vague threat towards those who don’t vote for him for that award (“or else”).

So, to all you Serbs out there, if you really love Bogey as much as you say you do, you will spam #BogdanSixthManOrElse in all appropriate locations.

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