Jordan Clarkson 28 Points Full Highlights (12/12/2018)

Past seasons’ Jordan Clarkson videos used to get a lot more views than they have been this season. Back before my channel and all its content was UNFAIRLY DELETED, Clarkson videos were explicably some of the most popular. I say “explicably” because it was just a bunch of Filipinos and people of Filipino ancestry watching them. Clarkson is apparently half-Filipino or quarter-Filipino or something, and since the Philippines doesn’t have a ton of NBA-caliber homegrown talent (they’re all too short), they readily latched onto Clarkson as an object of admiration.

Then, last season, he was on a Cavs team that also had LeBron on it. Interest in that team and its role-players was, predictably, very high. I could make a highlight video that contained only a clip of Clarkson scratching his nut and then a still shot of a jar of mayonnaise, and it would get 10,000 views no problem.

Now, everybody has abandoned Clarkson. He plays on a bad (LeBron-less) Cavs team that nobody really wants to watch. Filipinos must be occupied with something else right now because they sure aren’t watching my damn videos (or YouTube’s search algorithms are preventing my videos from appearing to them because Adam Silver hates me). So, even though Clarkson is having the most productive season of his career, nobody’s around to care.

And I can’t say I care too much either. Sorry bro.

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