Marcus Morris 27 Points Full Highlights (12/12/2018)

This game marks the 13th time the Morris bros have faced off in an NBA setting. Such meetings were rare for their first few years in the league, mainly because they were on the same team for a big chunk of that time. The first one was in 2012; Markieff came out ahead, with his Suns beating the Rockets, and him scoring 4 points to Marcus’ 2. Oh how things have changed since then! The Suns are moving to Seattle, the Rockets are in danger of folding, and both Morrises are way, way better now.

I would’ve guessed that Marcus would have the edge in the head-to-head matchup, but I would’ve been totally wrong. Markieff is winning 8-5, and is averaging more points on better percentages.

Markieff won this game though! And he decisively outplayed his brother. He, along with the rest of the Celtics, is recovering from a slow start to the season and now looks to be playing up to his usual level. As fun as it was for the Celtics to be sucking, it’s probably a little more fun for them to be really good and kicking teams’ butts.

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