Rodions Kurucs 13 Points Full Highlights (12/12/2018)

Since I’m kind of in a euphoric daze right now from having eaten chicken wings last night (that’s what chicken wings do to me), I decided to go to Rodions Kurucs’ Twitter page to see if there was any content I could gank from there. Like, if he got a beef with Kristaps or posted a link to his bandcamp Dungeon Synth project or something. But when I got there, all I saw was a bunch of retweets and nothing actually from Kurucs himself.

I don’t understand Twitter. I don’t pretend to understand Twitter. So the following question might come across as ignorant. What the heck is the point of having a Twitter if all you do is retweet things? I will have you all know that I have never retweeted anything in my entire life. My Twitter account is pure and untainted by retweets, except the retweets that people have retweeted of my original tweets (retweets that they did not get permission to retweet, by the way).

My advice to Kurucs is to ease slowly into posting your own Twitter content (simple stuff like “great win tonight against the Sixers! #work”) and then transition into posting derogatory messages about your teammates in order to get more minutes. Kenneth Faried tried this method recently and I think it’s working out great for him. Then people will have a reason to look at your Twitter and you’ll be a Twitter celebrity.

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