Matthew Dellavedova 13 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (12/16/2018)

When I tune in for Matthew “Wacky Delly” Dellavedova highlights, I expect at least one lob, if not multiple lobs, to Tristan Thompson for slam dunks. That’s like the baseline of what a Wacky Delly highlight video should contain. So when I went ahead and compiled this entire video, only to find that there was not a single Delly-Thompson alley oop anywhere in its nearly two minutes of runtime, I felt betrayed. Hurt and betrayed. And abused. I felt all those things.

It doesn’t matter if Tristan Thompson is sitting on the bench in a suit because of some injury to some body part or another. What matters is Delly-Thompson alley oop connections. I’m sure that Thompson is mobile enough to catch at least one lob from Delly. If he really is injured, you’d only have to play him until the alley-oop happens, then you could commit an intentional foul and immediately take him out of the game. It wouldn’t be that hard.

If I have trust issues with Australians going forward, you can point to this video as one of the reasons. One of the other reasons is when Andrew Bogut told the media he was going to start taking jumpshots in game but never did.

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