Davis Bertans 16 Points Full Highlights (12/17/2018)

Davis Bertans is actually surprisingly close to becoming a member of the 50/40/90 club. He’s at 46% on three-pointers this season and 92% on free throws. That’s two of the three requirements already met, and one could argue that those are the most difficult requirements. He’s shooting a paltry 49% from the field, so he doesn’t fully qualify yet, but he’s pretty close.

Since the bulk of his shot attempts are three-pointers, he would have to shoot a very high percentage on two-point shots to crawl over the 50% line. My recommendation for him is to only shoot open layups and dunks for the next couple of games so that there’s no risk of missing a shot. Don’t even take three-pointers. Only layups and dunks. Doing it my way, he’ll get over 50% field goal percentage easily.

Once that first part is a success, he’ll have to suffer some kind of season-ending injury so that he has an excuse to sit on his averages and not take any more shots. I don’t want him to get seriously injured, he’s already had enough serious injuries in his life, but a nice bout of ulcerative colitis could take him out for a few months and leave him with no long-lasting health repercussions.

Or he could suffer some kind of run-of-the-mill leg injury (say, right thigh tendinopathy) and then just let the Spurs medical staff attempt to deal with it. If all goes as planned, they’ll screw it up so badly that Bertans will be out for the whole season and then demand a trade.

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