Jusuf Nurkic 20 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (12/17/2018)

After Montrezl Harrell flagrantly fouled Jusuf Nurkic in the face (resulting in an eventual ejection for Harrell), there was no indication that there would be immediate fisticuffs. After the foul, Nurkic lay on the ground, checking his face for damage and testing the jaw mechanism to make sure it was still functional. Presumably Harrell walked off to the huddle. By the time Nurkic was in condition to throw hands, there was no tension or animosity with which to justify a fight. Presumably, there was no post-game fight either, since the Clippers are always on guard when it comes to opponents invading their locker rooms looking to get into scuffles.

So, the real-life outcome of the situation was lamer than it could have been. But we can speculate what would have happened if Harrell and Nurkic were to really get into a fight with no intervention from outside parties. Nurkic has the size advantage for sure, standing four inches taller and weighing 35 pounds heavier. But Harrell is extremely mobile and also has very long arms, both traits that would allow him to get punches in where Nurkic isn’t expecting them.

I’m having a hard time figuring out who would win that fight, but I’m leaning towards Nurkic, for two reasons. One, his dad once beat up fourteen criminals at once. Two, he doesn’t look like he feels pain. That’s a winning combination for sure.

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