Trae Young 16 Points/11 Assists Full Highlights (12/28/2018)

Trae Young actually had, by my estimation, one of his most efficient scoring performances of the season in this game. He only scored sixteen points, but he was 7-of-11 from the field. The mathematically-inclined viewer will realize that making seven out of eleven shots results in a field goal percentage over 50%, somethin that Young had only done four times in his career before tonight.

The only thing dragging him down was his five turnovers. My new rule is that turnovers have to be subtracted from a player’s assist total, so Young really only had six assists in this game, which is okay but not great for a player with his passing ability. But, BUT, he was bolstered by a bigdick three-pointer as the overtime neared its end, taking it from way back even though he had yet to his a three in the game. The deadly combo of a Covington missed dunk and a clutch three from a guy who’s more renowned as a shot-taker rather than as a shot-maker pretty much sucked the life out of the Target Center.

Next steps for Young: 1.) continue to build on this efficiency. 2.) keep finding your teammates in their spots. 3.) shave off all hair above your neckline. All of it. Seriously.

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