E’Twaun Moore 21 Points Full Highlights (12/29/2018)

E’Twaun Moore was in an extended slump for pretty much the entire month of December, and this one good game isn’t enough evidence to say that the slump has definitely concluded. He had one decent game back on December 5th, where he scored seventeen points on sixteen shot attempts, but aside from that game and this game (where he scored 21 on 19 attempts), he has been very far from his usual, efficient self. That’s good news for me because I was getting tired of him back when he was scoring thirty points every other game.

I’m pretty sure that when the Pelicans signed Moore to his big four-year, 35 million contract, I wrote in multiple descriptions about how much of an overpay that was and how they had ruined their flexibility by signing role-players to outsized contracts. Well, the second part is true, but the first part isn’t, because an efficient shooting guard that doesn’t take too many shots away from your star player is probably worth eight million per year, even if he’s slumping right now. Again, I’m sad that my old channel got deleted, but I’m glad that the most easily-accessible evidence of my ignorance has been purged from the internet.

[Ed. note: are those Pelicans alternate jerseys just super-duper ugly or is the low-quality Pelicans video feed just making them look ugly but they’re actually swag?]

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