Larry Nance Jr. 18 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (12/29/2018)

Larry Nance Jr., while a fine player in his own right, has a lot of work to do if he wants to catch his father in career accolades and accomplishments. The original Larry Nance scored 15,000 career points, grabbed 7,000 rebounds, had three All-Star appearances, and once scored 45 points in a game.

Meanwhile, Junior will have, generously, 2,000 points at the end of this year, which is fourth year in the league. If he plays 13 years like his dad did, at this rate he’ll end up with 6,500 points. That’s not a bad career, but it’s not even half of what his dad accomplished. Junior is also unlikely to have an All-Star appearance unless something drastically changes for him, and he’s also not even on track to score thirty in a game, much less forty (his career-high is 22).

If Junior played the same amount of minutes his dad did (his dad was a workhorse who soaked up minutes for his entire career with the Suns and Cavs), he might actually beat him in rebounds, but scoring would have to go way up. The solution here is to give Junior thirty minutes per game and surround him with guys who can throw lobs, then keep together that lob-throwing core for the entirety of the next decade so that he can rack up stats.

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