Darius Miller 21 Points Full Highlights (12/31/2018)

Now seems like a good time to say that I’m sorry. That’s what the new year is about, right? Atoning for past sins with promises of doing better now that the proverbial slate is proverbially clean? It seems like I’ve been having to do a lot of apologizing lately (though I want to go on record that I always believed in D.J. Wilson and thus am the only Bucks fan in the world who doesn’t have to apologize to him), but I consider that a good thing. It means I am capable of thinking about how my past actions have hurt others.

In this case, I’m apologizing for not making a video when Darius Miller scored 20 points a few weeks ago. I was going to make a video, I was absolutely aware of how many points he scored and how noteworthy of an occurrence it was, but then I forgot. I know. I was like “are there any more vids to do for last night?”, looked at my proprietary boxscore-aggregator that tells me at a glance what I should be working on, and said “nope!”. Then I took a nap with Japurri Purrker, my little chubby gray kitty who likes to take naps with me. I must have missed Miller’s name in the aggregator, and for that, I am sorry.

This video is one better, though. 21 versus 20. So, really, no harm done. People may have been missing that 20-point vid for a while right after it happened, but future people would not even think about watching it since there is this vastly superior video available to them. Not only is it one more point, Miller was kind of clutch in it. Who even needs Anthony Davis? Not the Pelicans, not when they have D-Mill.

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