Davis Bertans 17 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (12/31/2018)

Davis Bertans is very close to entering the prestigious “50/40/90” club. There are rate limitations to be officially inducted, but I’m pretty sure that if you have the numbers and sneak in while the bouncer is occupied trying to keep Shaq out, no one’s going to kick you out once you’re inside.

Bertans is less than a percentage point away from the “50” part of the requirement, sitting at 49.4 percent field goal shooting on the year. Other than that, he’s shooting 49 percent from deep and 92 percent from the stripe. Those are elite shooting numbers, no way around it.

I’m done complaining about him not getting enough minutes/touches/exposure, by the way. Gregg Popovich is almost done in San Antonio, I think this is his final year, and nothing will change his mind about anything at this point. He’s set in his ways. Once he’s gone, hopefully the replacement (perhaps me, I’ve put in my resume and let me tell you my references are frickin’ SICK for this one and my cover letter is like a 15-page novella) will set The Latvian Laser loose on the league. Certainly, if it was up to me, and hopefully it will be (fingers crossed), I’d play him all 48 every game to see if he could get 50.

I really see no reason why I can’t be a coach. It’s so easy. Just put your best players out there all the time and watch the wins roll in.

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