Brook Lopez 25 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (1/1/2019)

In honor of Brook Lopez’ 25-point performance being my first vid of the new year, let’s take a look at the first vid of all the other years I’ve been assembling these cursed highlight packages.

2013: Carmelo Anthony 45 Points. I don’t know what I was thinking with this one. Obviously, at this point, Anthony was way outside the scope of my channel. I guess I just wanted the views for my (at the time) new and struggling highlights venture.

2014: Ryan Anderson 25 Points. There we go. This is the real stuff. He was on the Pelicans at this point, maybe the first year the Pelicans existed as a franchise, and I compared him to Kevin Love in the description. Yeah, even back then, I had no idea what I was talking about. Some things never change.

2015: Andrew Wiggins 27 Points/3 Dunks. Honestly, this was probably a better game than any he has had this season. Sad, huh? I wrote a nice story for this one where he’s training and then Michael Jordan shows up and Wiggins says “Do I really want advice from the guy who drove the Bobcats into the ground?” which is a total burn. Then it turns out it was all a dream. All my best descriptions turn out to just be dreams in the end. Otherwise the stuff that happened in them would be hard to reconcile with the real world.

2016: Otto Porter 20 Points. This was the best I could do? 20 points for Otto Porter? I think he was good by this point, not the total scrub he was in his earlier seasons.

2017: Tim Hardaway Jr. Career High 27 Points. Apparently, at this point in his career, the Hawks announcers were calling him “Timmy”, which I correctly pointed out is against the rules of a league where Tim Duncan once played. 27 points was a lot for him back then; now it seems like he scores that every other game. Or, he was, before he regressed back into sludge the last few weeks. Maybe I jumped the gun on excising him from my channel?

2018: Jarrett Allen 16 Points. Again, this was the best I could do? The first video of a whole new calendar year should be something special, not something only vaguely exciting like the FroShow scoring 16. I hope he dunked it a lot in this one. I could check my archives, but I’m too lazy.

Happy New Year everybody!

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