Lauri Markkanen 27 Points Full Highlights (1/4/2019)

It is painfully apparent to me that there needs to be a term for a shot that is supremely clutch but is not a game winner, either because it doesn’t actually put the scoring team in the lead or because it is later usurped by an even clutcher shot.

Lauri Markkanen’s three-pointer to tie the game with nine seconds left in OT would be the perfect shot to be described by this new word. It wouldn’t have been a game winner even if Victor Oladipo hadn’t banked in a three with 0.3 seconds left, but it was still a very clutch shot that kept the Bulls in the game and set them up for, possibly, another overtime period.

You could just call these shots “clutch shots” but I need something that would be easily used in a video title to give a potential viewer a perfect synopsis of what the video contains. The term “clutch shot” is not specific enough for my purposes. I need something better.

I’m not good at inventing words. The only thing I can come up with is “blibbum”. Lauri had one blibbum in this game and Oladipo had one as well. Rarely, a player will have two blibbums if they, for example, hit a shot to send the game to overtime and then hit another shot to win the game in overtime. So the title of this video really should be “Lauri Markkanen 27 Points/1 Blibbum Full Highlights (1/3/2019)”. I’m not sure if this new word is working out or not but I’ll revisit it later.

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