Bismack Biyombo 16 Points Full Highlights (1/5/2019)

Bismack “Bustmack” Biyombo has been a DNP-magnet for the entirety of his second stint with the Hornets, the team that originally drafted him. Basically every big man on the Hornets’ roster has been ahead of Biyombust in the rotation, even guys like Willy Hernangomez and Frank Kaminsky. Those dudes have also gotten their fair share of DNP’s, but even their combined DNP count doesn’t rival Bustombo’s. The dude was getting seventeen million dollars this year to sit on the bench and clap for teammates who were actually appearing in games.

However, the tide was slowly turning for Biyombo after Cody Zeller got injured, and this game just accelerated that process. Sixteen points for Biyombo is definitely one of the more surprising statlines of the season, and I’ve been paying very close attention to obscure scrubs and their scoring performances. Even with Zeller out, I did not see this coming at all. At all. Not even a little bit.

If Biyombo can score sixteen, that begs the question, why the HECK couldn’t Cody Zeller (when he was healthy) score that many points on a regular basis? Zeller was supposed to have offensive skills. Meanwhile, the notoriously unskilled Biyombo just dropped sixteen like it was no big deal. With a few more touches he could have gotten twenty. Zeller was probably watching this game from his hospital bed and crying.

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