Jalen Jones 15 Points Full Highlights (1/5/2019)

At the 0:53 mark of this video, the Cavs commentator who isn’t Austin Carr (I forget his name right now) says something rather dumb: that Jalen “Jalebird” Jones, by scoring his thirteenth point, has set a “New Rookie NBA Career High”. He didn’t say the “Jalebird” part (that is my own ingenious nickname innovation) but he said the rest of it.

There are multiple things wrong with this statement. One: Jalen Jones is not a rookie. This is his second season. Last year, he played four games with the Pelicans and twelve with the Mavericks. Two: this is not his career high. He had individual game totals of 15, 16, and 16 in his rookie year. The only thing correct about that statement is the “NBA” part. Jalen Jones was indeed taking part in an officially-sanctioned NBA game at the time this phrase of plain idiocy was uttered.

If this commentator dude religiously watched DTB highlight videos (which is the only way they should be watched – religiously), he would know all this. He would be intimately familiar with Jalen Jones emergent scoring ability. Instead, his knowledge of the players on his own team is so limited that he doesn’t even know which ones are rookies and which ones aren’t. I do know that all the true DTB acolytes out there caught this mistake live as soon as it was said.

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