Jonah Bolden 11 Points Full Highlights (1/5/2019)

Is it fair to say that Jonah Bolden was… emBOLDENed by this performance? Ha! Ha! HAHAHAHA! EMBOLDENED! Get it? Hehehe. Because his name… is BOLDEN! HA!

That’s all I’ve got, folks. That right there, that crappy pun, is going to form the entirety of this description about Bolden and his career-high-shattering performance, because I’ve got nothing else to say about him. I could bring up the fact that he and Ben Simmons are both from Melbourne, and so is the Mavericks’ Ryan Broekhoff, so there were probably three Melburnians on the court at once, but I bet that’s been mentioned about a million times by now so I won’t.

Okay, fine. Here’s a tidbit for you: he kinda looks middle-eastern to me. Like he could be from Saudi Arabia or something. How’s that? You like that? That’s hard-hitting commentary right there. Oh yeah. Speculation on racial origins. My specialty.

Here’s another tidbit for you tidbit-addicted freaks: he can hit threes, but he didn’t hit any this game, and this video suffers for it. 11 points for Bolden is pretty sweet, but the actual scoring here is kinda lame.

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