Tony Parker 20 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (1/6/2019)

Tony Parker dimed up Willy Hernangomez for his first five assists in this game. I was thinking to myself, are all six of his assists going to be to the same player? That’s not the kind of occurrence where my BHL (blood hype level) would spike and cause me to fall into a coma, but it would be mildly interesting. Certainly, having 5+ assists and having the same guy be on the receiving end of all of them is pretty rare. If Parker had pulled it off, it might have even been a record. I have no way to check for crazy records like that, but you could at the very least assume that it hasn’t been done by anybody else this season.

Unfortunately for enthusiasts of interesting happenings, Parker’s sixth and final assist was to Malik Monk. So there goes that. Having five assists to one person in one game is not noteworthy at all. I bet a full third of Rajon Rondo’s career games have met that criteria, if not more. So, instead of having something cool to talk about in this video description, all I’m able to talk about is how something cool was narrowly missed.

Since I don’t have anything more to say about Tony Parker, I will just mention that it’s an interesting choice for the Hornets’ broadcast to show Boris Diaw sitting in the stands. Shouldn’t they hate Diaw after the Fat Frenchman basically quit on their team back in the Bobcats days? If they’re going to show him on screen, it should be for the express purpose of making fun of him in a badly-put-on French accent.

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