Lonzo Ball 21 Points/5 Assists/3 Dunks Full Highlights (1/7/2019)

I feel like I haven’t heard enough from Lavar Ball lately. Last year and the year before, NBA headlines were dominated by Lonzo’s dad all the time. You couldn’t step foot into the NBA section of any sports website without seeing five different articles featuring the latest braggadocious Lavar soundbite. Now, it’s like he doesn’t even exist. Sure, he’s doing that stuff with that college-alternative league he’s attempting to form, but he’s not going out in front of the cameras and saying outrageous things all the time.

Is he feeling sheepish because Lonzo’s NBA career up to this point has been underwhelming and his other two sons were basically kicked off the obscure division-D Euro team that they were supposed to dominate? If I had crowned my sons to be the future of the NBA and they can’t even match up against skinny pale guys who have day jobs as peat-shovelers, I wouldn’t want to bring a lot of attention to myself when they had to come home with their tails between their legs.

What I’m saying is, I was getting really sick of all that stupid Lavar drama, but now that it’s gone, the NBA landscape seems…off, somehow. Please tell me there is a secret treasure trove of stupid Lavar quotes from the past few months that I’m missing. I want to read them and get outraged and then complain about how the media is shoving Lavar down our throats.

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