Furkan Korkmaz 16 Points Full Highlights (1/8/2019)

Furkan “The Motherfurker” “Korverkmaz” “The Turk Furk” Korkmaz isn’t even shooting above 40% from the field this season. I just found this out and it’s like a total betrayal for me. I guess I made too many highlights of this guy and assumed that he was as good as his highlight videos made him out to be. Spoiler alert: almost no player is as good as their highlight video makes them out to be. Especially if they’re D.J. Stephens. But also if they’re Furkan Korkmaz.

This is just more proof that you can completely dominate your wimpy Summer League opponents (remember, the Turk Furk scored 40 in a summer league game) and still not be a great or even good NBA player. The Motherfurker is mostly reliant on three-pointers for his shot attempts, and that partially explains his low field goal percentage, but still. I desperately need Korkmaz to play better than he has been this season. I don’t want him to be a taller Turkish analogue to, like, Isaiah Canaan or something. I want him to be a same-sized Turkish incarnation of Hollis Thompson.

Speaking of Hollis Thompson, he could still be playing in the league today if he hadn’t been blackballed for taking part in those tank-tastic 76ers teams. Him and Henry Sims. And Tony Wroten. And Arnett Moultrie. Definitely Arnett Moultrie.

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