Jordan Clarkson 26 Points Full Highlights (1/8/2019)

I am detecting some emerging chemistry between Jordan Clarkson and Matthew Dellavedova. This is strange to me because, during his time in Milwaukee, Delly didn’t seem to develop any chemistry with anybody. All he did was have his ass develop chemistry with the bench because that’s where he spent most of his time sitting.

Somehow, when Delly returned to Cleveland, he magically regained the ability to form a connection with players and pass it to them in spots where they could score. Is there something about the Cuyahoga river that has mystical effects on Australians? Or maybe LeBron left some residual playmaking-magic in a puddle in the locker room and Delly stepped in it or drank it or breathed it in or something. That’s the only explanation I can come up with.

Having a decent distributing point guard is good news for Clarkson because the Cavs didn’t really have a good one before the Delly trade, and Clarkson does better when he can relinquish ball-handling duties and just focus on scoring. The Clarkson-Sexton combo just doesn’t pass the eye test in the same way as the Clarkson-Delly combo. I would actually go and check the split data to see how those two-man combos compare in terms of net points, but that would be too much like real journalism. Do I look like a real journalist to you?

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