Furkan Korkmaz 16 Points Full Highlights (1/9/2019)

Furkan “Chuckan Statpadmaz” Korkmaz lived up to his nickname by chucking a bunch of balls into a bunch of hoops (well, just one hoop) in the very end of garbage time against the Wizards, pushing his total from a blah and uninteresting 7 to an exciting and noteworthy 16. He only needed 50 seconds to hit those three triples, and I’m not blaming him or anything. Someone has to shoot those shots at the end of the game, but that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t statpadding like the king of statpadders, Chucksell Statpadbrook.

He’s now started 4 games in a row, so I think it’s time to award him the title of “Starter on a Championship Contender”. Maybe the 76ers aren’t truly championship contenders, but if they’re not, they’re pretty close. And Korkmaz is definitely starting games for them now. How long that will last, no one knows, and it definitely won’t last for the whole season. But when the championship DVD comes out there will probably be a part of it where the narrator is like “in early January, little used bench player Furkan Korkmaz came in and gave his team a huge lift. Philly won 11 of 12 games where he started, before he tore his MCL posterizing LeBron James.”

And then they show the clip of the poster dunk followed by a shot of his teammates carrying him off the floor.

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