Kyle Kuzma Career High 41 Points Full Highlights (1/9/2019)

This game was totally a REVENGE GAME for Kyle Kuzma. But it wasn’t revenge against a former team that he has played for. No, it was revenge against the favored team of his childhood growing up in Flint, Michigan, the Detroit Pistons.

“Wait a minute, Dee Tee Bee,” you howl in bewilderment. “Why would Kuz want to get revenge against a team that granted him the immeasurable joy of an NBA championship during his formative childhood years, the memory of which ranks as one of the most cherished moments of life?”

Good question, my friend, but also a dumb question. For you see, not only did the Pistons give an eight-year-old Kuz a championship to celebrate, but during his ultra-important preteen years, they handed out some seriously bad contracts and put together some seriously un-fun teams. You can bet that 14-year-old Kuz screamed at his computer when he found out the size of the contracts that Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon got. Getting a washed up Allen Iverson? Suffering through delusions of Rodney Stuckey being The One? Watching a core of Will Bynum and Jason Maxiell play hard and still suck? If I was Kuz, I would want to get revenge on that.

So that’s what he did. 41 points, a new career high, and one Pistons team shellshocked that one of their own fans could to this to them. It was brutal, but I think it was well-deserved. I mean, have you seen those Villanueva and Gordon contracts? Kuz would probably personally punch Joe Dumars in the face for that.

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