Seth Curry 17 Points Full Highlights (1/9/2019)

I’m going to start calling Seth Curry “Coconut Curry” because his head kind of looks like a coconut would if you took out the furry brown shell and were just left with the white globe of actual coconut flesh. And because his last name is Curry. Get it? Coconut…Curry? This honestly might be my finest nickname creation yet, which is wild because I have, in my opinion, crafted some of the most innovative nicknames the basketball world has ever seen.

I don’t think my new nickname loses points just because I don’t really eat curries all that often. Curries are okay, but I don’t go out of my way to eat them. Same with coconut, actually. I really enjoy coconut as a small component of a dessert, but am I going to go the tropics and find a coconut and then just chow down on it? No. I don’t like coconuts that much. And I certainly have never actually had a “coconut curry” even though it’s on the menu at a lot of Thai restaurants.

Coconut Curry is doing his best to remind people that he exists after a full season in which he didn’t really exist because he didn’t play. More games like this should definitely help his cause, but what would really help his cause is his brother somehow finagling a Shaun Livingston/Seth Curry swap.

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