Wendell Carter 22 Points Full Highlights (1/9/2018)

In a draft class where there are nine players averaging double-figure scoring, Wendell Carter Jr. has slipped under the radar a little bit. He’s not putting up insane numbers on insane efficiency like certain other rookie centers whose names name with D’Andray Payton, and, despite being in a large media market, nobody hypes him up because the Bulls are straight-up bad this year.

In my opinion, the Bulls guards need to find WCJ some more and stop chucking up their own shots as much. It’s fun for Zach LaVine to take any shot he wants but it would also be fun for WCJ to averaging fifteen a game for the second half of the season. Imagine how bad the situation would be if the Bulls had retained Marshon Brooks AND they gave Antonio Blakeney the consistent minutes he was getting earlier in the season AND Jabari was still playing regularly. WCJ would never get to touch the ball except when he rebounded it.

Side note: I don’t know if I’m going to keep using the WCJ acronym for Carter. It’s too much like WCS for Willie-Caulie Stein. Similar enough where I have to stop and think about which one I’m supposed to be thinking about if I run into one of the acronyms while reading.

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