Zach Collins 16 Points Full Highlights (1/9/2019)

I am now fondly remembering with a smirk on my face all the overreactions to Zach Collins’ 6-block opening night. Since it happened on national TV, and everyone was watching because when the season’s just starting you watch any NBA action you possibly can, there were a lot of people who had never seen him before assuming that the Blazers had found a young stud DPOY candidate who was also white and kinda looked like Kristaps Porzingis.

Since then, he’s had only a handful of multi-block games, with the best totaling 3 rejections. Dammit! His block averages are still decent for how little he plays, but those hoping for a white version of Tree Rollins are certainly disappointed. Because I’m pretty sure Rollins didn’t shoot threes or assist Meyers Leonard for bigtime alley-oop slammy-bams.

Yes, it is true: a bigtime alley-oop slammy-bam for Leonard assisted by Collins is what awaits you if you don’t close this video 30 seconds in because your ADHD means you can’t focus on anything for any notable amount of time. I know it’s tough, but try to power through. Unimaginable treasures await, or they would be unimaginable if I didn’t tell you exactly what they were.

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