Dewayne Dedmon 19 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (1/11/2019)

If Dewayne “Judge Dedd” Dedmon had gotten a triple-double this game, it would have ranked as one of the unlikelist triple-doubles of the season. Actually, scratch that. It would have been the undisputed least-likely triple-double of the season, ahead of Kyle Anderson’s by a significant amount because Dedmon isn’t known as a passer.

As it stands, Dedmon was one rebound and three assists short, although I’m sure with some creative reinterpretation of the game tape, some extra assists and rebounds could be found.

Now I’m thinking, if Judge Dedd’s basketball career hadn’t been unfairly delayed by the influence of his Jehovah’s Witness mother who thought that a basketball coach would replace God for her young son, how good would he have turned out? He would have had a lot of extra years to develop his shot (which is just now developing) and his playmaking (which I think I just watched develop right before my eyes). Would we have a next-generation Lamar Odom on our hands? We’ll never know. Not until I decide to use my time machine for purposes other than to revisit my favorite fast-food limited time offers, that is.

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