Marcus Derrickson 10 Points Full Highlights (1/11/2019)

This is it. This right here. Forget about all the other crappy vids I’ve made for this night of games, this is the one that you should watch. This is the essence of DownToBuck. The point is to highlight the un-highlighted, to honor scrubdom. Marcus Derrickson isn’t a good NBA player (but probably a great G-League player). Prior to tonight, he had hit a grand total of two (2) shots, with zero (0) combined assists, steals, and blocks. This was in really limited minutes, only 22, but still. Not good.

I’m tentatively putting this mind-blowing, career-high shattering performance by him in the “good” category. My criterion for “good” is basically “hit some shots”, and he definitely did that tonight. Four of them. The Bulls laid down and took it from him and the rest of the Warriors’ end-of-bench meatballs, and the result is we get to see a concentrated selection of primo Derrickson action for the first time.

And it’s pretty sweet, I must say. A top-10 video of the year, possibly. I didn’t even really know what he looked like before this, so that’s not bad.

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