Trevor Ariza 20 Points Full Highlights (1/11/2019)

I hold no particular animus towards Trevor Ariza for breaking out of his three-game, 0-for-15 from three shooting slump against the Bucks. If I had actually been watching this game, maybe things would be different, but I wasn’t. And even I was, in the end, the fault lies with the Bucks for leaving him wide open in the corner so many times. As the commentator said, that’s his spot. You leave him open there and he can just splash all day. Budenholzer is great, but man, the teams that he coaches sure do get shredded by threes sometimes.

Ariza’s averaging a nice amount of points during this stint with the ‘Zards, despite not getting to share the court anymore with John Wall. I’m guess that was the main reason he signed with them; Wall, a few years ago, magically transformed him into an offensive threat (the same way he did with Martell “W-Mart” Webster), including wringing a 40-burger out of him, and I’m sure Ariza wanted that to happen again.

Speaking of which, I really need to get around to reuploading some of the best stuff from my old deleted channel. Like Ariza scoring 40. That was a sick video.

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