Deandre Ayton 22 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (1/12/2019)

The more I think about it, the more I think a Deandre Ayton dunkilation would be kinda lame. I’ve seen all his dunks this year, either while making all these highlight vids or while reviewing them for potential dunks-of-the-month candidacy, and I’ll be forthright with you: most of them are lame. Thus rendering a dunkilation comprised of them lame. He has a few posterizations (including one on Torrey Craig that you will soon see), but he’s very content to save his body and do only the minimum needed to get the ball in the hole. That’s fine, but it means that if he’s got an uncontested dunk, he’s going to place it gently in the bucket rather than try to tear the rim off the backboard.

I’ll probably make the dunkilation anyway, and then as a way of apologizing for its lameness, make a postmove-ilation as well. His post moves and hooks and footwork are the best part of his game, for sure, and they deserve to be fully chronicled. It won’t be on the level of the INSANE Donatas Motiejunas postmove-ilation that I made (speaking of videos I need to reupload…), which was possibly the sickest NBA highlight video ever produced, but it would still be pretty nice. Do you like baby hooks? Heck yeah you do.

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