Kyle Korver 16 Points Full Highlights (1/12/2019)

Sucks to be Jason Terry. He came into the week number three (which is basically a bronze medal) all-time in three-pointers made over an NBA career at 2282, and he exits the week number five (a medal that says “you suck rod”). Stephen Curry passed him a few games ago, and now Kyle Korver has passed him here, now sitting at 2284 triples. I wouldn’t be mad or anything if Terry attempted a comeback in light of this. It might be a little late to regain his lost placement, because obviously Curry is just going to keep rocketing ahead, and Korver likely has 10 more years of sharpshooting left in him, but he could hit a few more to prevent someone really garbagey like Jamal Crawford from passing him.

So congratulations to Kyle Korver. He still has an outside chance to pass Reggie Miller at some point, but I think third all-time is the best he can do. Unless Curry, like, dies right now. Literally right now, or in a few months at the latest.

Something’s going on with his three-point shooting though: it’s below 40 percent with the Jazz! I don’t think it’s a sign that he’s losing his touch, rather, it’s a sign that the Jazz run some sort of crazy offense that doesn’t generate the proper looks for Korver. This is just speculation, though. To be sure that Korver continues hitting his threes up until he’s 40, he needs to make sure that either LeBron gets traded to him or he gets traded to LeBron.

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