Ante Zizic 16 Points Full Highlights (1/16/2019)

Remember when Celtics fans wouldn’t shut up about how good Ante “Antetozizpo” Zizic was going to be? I remember, and then he came over and sucked in Summer League and they kind of shut up for a bit. Then he got traded, and they were like “oh we always knew he was going to suck so haha to the crappy team that has to deal with him”. Not meaning to pick on Celtics fans here, but they were really hyping this dude up and we got a whole bunch of nothing, and then they pretended like they hadn’t just got done polishing his rod.

Well, he’s improved a bit since then. He’s still not getting a ton of minutes on the worst team in the league, which is a bad sign, but he can have games where he gets a ton of easy buckets somehow. It was easier with LeBron in the fold giving him sick passes that he could finish with ease, but I’d say Matthew Dellavedova is just as good at spoonfeeding him. His scoring is still way down, though, after last season’s 73-percent from the field bonanza.

Also, I’m still waiting for even one other person to use the “Antetozizpo” nickname. Like, Zach Lowe, I know you read these descriptions so you can steal material for your crappy ESPN column, can you just drop a casual Antetozizpo reference so that this moniker picks up some steam? Thanks.

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