Miles Bridges 15 Points/2 Dunks Full Highlights (1/17/2019)

Behold: Miles Bridges’ first three-pointer in almost a month! He started off surprisingly good from deep, with an early 3-of-3-from-3 performance allowing him to keep a good percentage for a long time because of his low volume. Lately, though, he’s been bricking. Which is what everyone thought he was going to do as a rookie anyway, so it’s not like anyone is really disappointed. I’m assuming. I don’t know any Hornets fans in real life to gauge their mood on Bridges.

The good news for him, though, is when his three stops falling, he can fall back to the tried and true “run in and dunk it hard” play. His dunkilation this year is going to be sick. He gets up so effortlessly, and when he gets all the way up by the rim he can usually throw in a double pump to get the crowd excited.

I’ve thought a very little bit about who I’d like to see in the dunk contest (not that I’d actually like to see the dunk contest itself), and I’m thinking, why not Bridges? There aren’t that many dudes doing dunks as aesthetic as him right now, and there aren’t a ton of hyped-up dunkers who haven’t already been seen a million times before. Just something to think about, but don’t put him in the three-point contest.

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