Kevin Huerter 18 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (1/19/2019)

There is a growing amount of hype surrounding Kevin Huerter. A lot of this is because of physical appearance. White people generate slightly more excitement than the average player (“great white hope syndrome”), but the red hair is what really gets people going. Can you think of a single ginger NBA-baller who wasn’t ironically/legitimately adored by their fanbase? I can’t. It’s because of their fiery personalities.

While Trae Young languishes under bad shooting percentages and ugly hair, Huerter is rising. Aside from that one huge game he had, he’s not even doing anything particularly amazing (need to get that scoring volume up), but the NBA community is always looking for new players to attach outsize expectations to, and he’s the “soupe du jour”, so to speak.

That means “soup of the day” in French, in case you were getting confused. Kevin Huerter is the soup of the day, and that soup is tomato basil. Tomato for his red hair, and basil for all the green paper money he’s raking in simply by shooting a ball into a basket. If you want to debate that he’s a different kind of soup instead, you are welcome to try, but don’t expect to change my mind.

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