Kenneth Faried 13 Points Rockets Debut Full Highlights (1/21/2019)

Surprise, surprise. Kenneth Faried gets actual minutes, and he produces. Take notes, Kennocoachingability Atkinsdiet. You give Faried the chance to get on the court, and he immediately starts grabbing balls and putting them in holes, hair flopping wildly behind him.

I don’t really know why he didn’t get minutes on the Nets, maybe it was because he couldn’t shoot threes? That didn’t stop Ed Davis from playing though, and that fact isn’t even true because look at this video: Faried hits a three in it! Mike D’Antoni has worked his magic already, turning the rim-running high-flying Faried into a legit perimeter threat. I hope that his minutes stay consistent moving forward, but there’s no way they don’t, right? The bigman situation in Houston is really messed up right now, and Faried is the perfect guy to run around for 20 minutes a night and dunk everything he can get his hands on.

Sidenote: the bucket at 0:50 and the ensuing free throw were the only non-Harden points scored by the Rockets in the third quarter. Harden is going to kill himself doing everything for this team. They need to get him some help. I hear Carmelo Anthony is about to be a free agent.

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