Kevin Knox 19 Points Full Highlights (1/28/2019)

After much struggle to make heads or tails of the user interface, I was finally able to coerce it into disgorging the stat that I was looking for. A stat which paints Kevin Knox in a very unfavorable light.

Out of all players who have attempted fifty or more midrange field goals, Kevin Knox is the second-worst in terms of field goal percentage. Since the “power rankings” format is easiest for my viewers to understand, I present to you now the “OFFICIAL WORST MIDRANGE SHOOTERS IN THE NBA POWER RANKINGS”:

132. Terry Rozier (20.3%)
131. Kevin Knox (25.0%)
130. Alec Burks (27.0%)
129. Trae Young (27.5%)
128. Lauri Markkanen (28.6%)


3. Quinn Cook (54.2%)
2. Al Horford (54.4%)
1. T.J. McConnell (56.4%)

All this tells me is that Knox is a player who is looking to score, and he doesn’t really care what kind of looks he gets. He likes to dribble into tough midrange jumpers and then take them anyway, probably because his court vision isn’t developed enough to find an open teammate in stressful situations. I expect this percentage to improve as his career proceeds and he figures out what works for him.

Thanks to the immense power of the NBA stats interface, I also found out who was the worst midrange shooter in the 2000-01 season. It was Keon Clark. That’s not really interesting or notable, but I figured since I went through the trouble of looking it up, I might as well share it.

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