Kenneth Faried 19 Points Full Highlights (1/29/2019)

Jahlil Okafor may have beat out Kenneth Faried in the “discarded bigmen who might be good but also might not be good because why else would their old teams give up on them so easily” battle, and maybe his team also won the game based on his efforts, but I’m still really happy for Faried for showing everyone that he can still ball.

Look how happy he is in the thumbnail. That type of joy is unattainable to someone who hasn’t been thrown to the ground by the hands of fate, then picked themselves back up again to become better than ever. I’m just making stuff up here, but I must say, that sentence sounds really profound. Or something.

It’s just a shame that he has to play on a team as disliked right now as the Rockets. Imagine how much fun it would be if he was on a team that could use his abilities, but also was full of likable players and played in an easier conference and was one of the best teams in said conference. You know where I’m going with this. Thon Maker for Faried. Easy. Simple. No moving parts, just a one-for-one trade. The Bucks get someone who can dunk, unlike Ersan Ilyasova who he would be replacing, and the Rockets get a nice center who can easily fill the Zhou Qi role.

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