Myles Turner 27 Points Full Highlights (1/31/2019)

It goes without saying, but now is the time for Myles Turner to step up. He needs to use his silky smooth jumper and outrageous leaping/dunking ability to average 20 points per game from here on out. The Pacers can still make things work without Victor Oladipo. I truly believe this. They just need dudes like Turner to turn their game up a notch. Tonight was a great start.

It would help things out for him if every team was like the Magic and had no idea how to guard him on the pick-and-roll. He was popping, he was rolling, he was dunking, he was doing it all as the screener. I’m going to be honest: I was getting some primo KAT vibes from this performance. KAT as in Karl-Anthony Towns. Not the other KAT, Klay “Addict” Thompson. The Rubio/KAT pick-and-pop connection was the deadliest in the league at one time, but the Turner/Collison connection has to be close at this point.

Also, I would like to mention that I was totally justified in saying a few years ago that I would take Turner of Jabari Parker. This is when Parker was still on the Bucks and Turner was a rookie, and I still put myself out there and made that bold proclamation. It totally paid off, because now I get to look like some sort of genius when it comes to evaluating talent.

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