Damyean Dotson 22 Points Full Highlights (2/1/2019)

Ah yes, the much beloved “intra trade” game, where a team just traded a bunch of players for a bunch of players, but those new players aren’t available yet and the old ones are long gone, so they have to cobble together a rotation out of spare parts and desperation. Prime time for legit scrubs to show their stuff before being shoved back onto the bench forever.

Personally, I was hoping for a lot more from Kadeem Allen, considering that he was a starter going against his former team (REVENGE GAME!!!!!), but I will settle for Damyean Dotson scoring 22. Also, I want to express my disappointment with Luke Kornet, who was supposed to show the entire country that he is going to be the next Porzingis. He still is going to be the next Porzingis, but he needs to show it while everyone is watching.

But back to Dotson: this is his best scoring game of the season, one point better than the hurting he put on Milwaukee so many months ago. I’m still mad about that one, by the way. Why the heck did he decide to stop being mediocre and start being good just in time to beat the Bucks? God damn it. I feel a little better now that Celtics fans feel something close to the same pain, but any pain Dotson put on them is overshadowed by their collective dread that Kyrie Irving is going to leave and Anthony Davis isn’t coming to save them and Gordon Hayward will never be the same and Jayson Tatum isn’t even that good.

Meanwhile, Knicks fans are all just straight-up dead at this point. When was the last time they won a game?

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