Joe Ingles 19 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (2/1/2019)

Here’s a thought experiment for you: is it possibly to like Joe Ingles as a player, but not have that fondness tainted by ironic undertones?

I would posit that it is not possible to unironically like Joe Ingles. Due to his physical profile, any positive feelings felt towards him will be biased by his flabby dad-bod, his bald spot, and his haggard face. Of course, you can still have genuine appreciation for his play-style and his slightly unorthodox long-range shooting mechanics (which are sadly less accurate this season compared to the previous two seasons). But that appreciation will necessarily be affected by the fact that Ingles looks like a construction worker who had an on-site accident and collected disability checks for two years.

If anybody would like to come forward in the comments and state that their admiration for Ingles is unsullied by ironic admiration for his appearance and/or race, they are welcome to do so. But I will severely doubt the honestly of your claims.

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