Kenneth Faried 23 Points Full Highlights (2/1/2019)

With Chris Paul back on the court for the Rockets, we can expect more of this from Kenneth Faried. We were already getting it, somehow, I don’t know how because James Harden isn’t super interested in passing right now, but with CP3, Faried should get tons of free dunks. That’s the best passing PG he’s played with since the glory days of Andre Miller throwing lobs to him and JaVale McGee in Denver.

Now those were fun times. The current Nuggets squad bears no resemblance to that team. No player remains from the 2012-13 team. To remind you: Ty Lawson was there. Andre Iguodala. Anthony Randolph. Danilo Gallinari. Tell me, which Nuggets iteration would you rather watch; that one, or the one featuring NikoLAME Jock-itch and Paultry Millsuck? I’ll take endless lobs to Faried and McGee any day of the week, and twice on Sundays, thank you very much.

The Rockets haven’t quite figured out how to get Faried the same volume of lobs as they were getting to Clint Capela. I guess it’s a little harder, since Capela is so much bigger and can dunk basically anything that comes near him, but I’m confident they’ll figure it out. And by the time they do, Capela will be back and we can start seeing a marginalized Faried again!

Oh, and I almost forgot: REVENGE GAME.

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